This site is mainly for sales of Mikkabi Mikan grown in the full warm sunshine of the area to business dealers, wholesalers, and sales outlets, etc.
Feel free to ask us about wholesaling of Mikkabi mikan citrus fruits, processed items, and processing materials.

The town of Mikkabi located in roughly the center of Japan near the shores of Lake Hamanako in Shizuoka Prefecture where Mount Fuji can be found is blessed with a lush natural environment. The JA Mikkabi, Citrus Sales Center is busy producing, processing, and selling farm products here in Mikkabicho.
Mikkabi mikans are a type of mandarin orange or tangerine highly rated in Japan since this area is perfect for growing delicious citrus fruits. Here they are grown in warm and fertile land that enjoys the bounties of nature.
To ensure a fine, high quality harvest, farm tasks ranging from preparing the soil in spring, managing the crop, and thinning fruit in early summer are quietly completed until autumn at which time the fruit is finally ready.
The growers in this way put plenty of effort and time into cultivating these Mikkabi mikkans.
To let more and more people have a taste of these Mikkabi mikans, we serve as a bridge between the grower and customer in areas including fruit produce, wholesaling of processed goods and retailing.
Our processed goods are available as a full and diverse array of products including Icy Beauty Orange (frozen tangerine), Aoshima Straight Juice (100%) (cans or bottles), and“ Mikkabi Citrus Nepuree”(orange paste) to name just a few.
We take pride in that fact that customers enjoy our fresh Mikkabi mikans and processed goods Feel free to contact with any questions or comments.

Yoshikazu Goto Coop Representative Director
JA Mikkabi Agricultural Cooperative
We export to: Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Switzerland, Norway, and Canada.
Please contact us regarding export to countries not listed above.
1. Mikkabi Mikan
・Aoshima Mikans
Another name for the well-known Mikkabi Mikan which is the most widely produced in Shizuoka Prefecture is “Aoshima.” This is a mikan or tangerine grown in the rich lands around Hamana Lake. Try it for yourself. The delicate sweet and sour balance has a tasty flavor that will win you over!

・Wase Mikan (early maturing mikan)
Among the different Mikkabi mikans, this mikan or tangerine is harvested early in the season from late October to mid-December. This mikan is unique in having a thin outer and inner skin and a tasty feeling that seems to melt in your mouth.

2. Mikkabi Mikan canned juice holds 280 grams
This is straight 100% natural Aoshima mikan juice. One can of this easy to drink juice uses the equivalent of 5 Aoshima mikans harvested in December so the taste and aroma are close to that of natural tangerines.
3.Mikkabi mikan canned juice Junshibori KIWAMI
Aoshima mikans produced by mulching culture techniques are used in "Rich taste Aoshima" ripened by long-term storage. Moreover the skin has been peeled away so this juice allows enjoying 100% of the true mikan flavor. A unique feature is its color which is deeper than other mikan-tangerine juices.
4. Unshiu mikans (Satsuma mandarin oranges) grown in Mikkabi are made into a 6-fold juice concentrate.
Maruemu Mikkabi mikans (Aoshima variety) made into a 6-fold juice concentrate. This is usable in a wide variety of processed food products.
5.Mikkabi mikan light syrup
These are mikans in syrup with their peels removed in a process performed completely by hand. No machines are used so there is virtually no damage to any of the orange sections in a process that produces a top grade food product that also looks great!
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